Best Time to Visit Las Vegas for Honeymooners

Is there a better destination in the world for one to get married than heading to Las Vegas, the Sin City of the world? Whether you get married in Las Vegas (known to many as the wedding capital of the world) or someplace else, there is no wrong time for honeymooners to visit Las Vegas. A romantic honeymoon is usually the first big decision you will make as a married couple, and Las Vegas is ranked as one of the top 10 most popular honeymoon destinations. If you are concern about what time of the year you will get the best Las Vegas weather, well don’t be too concerned. 

During the summer months in Las Vegas, it is very hot; the temperature usually reaches 105 degrees for the high, and 80 degrees for the low. If you are looking for months were Las Vegas is not as hot, then July and August are those months, but expect temperatures to be a little more humid with the chance of thunderstorms lurking. Even March to May or even around autumn in October, are good times for the weather.

Many honeymooners would not let the Las Vegas weather stop their post wedding celebration, especially since Las Vegas is a must see place. Even though Las Vegas has the world’s top hotel and casinos’, gambling is not the only thing there is to do there, they are also known for much more. While in Las Vegas, many lovebirds make it their duty to catch some of the most sensational shows, and dine at some of the finest gourmet restaurants. Many lovebirds do not have to leave their hotel during their stay in Las Vegas; majority of Las Vegas hotel resorts offers indoor activities such as shopping, access to swimming pools, spas, nightclubs, and a lot of other amusement. Las Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the world, and many honeymooners have such a great experience there.

While some high rollers find themselves comped a penthouse suite only minutes after walking through the casino doors, most Vegas bound tourists must find their own shelter with more limited resources, saving a few bucks to fund the fun. Newly minted young adults making their first pilgrimage to the desert are often in a particular bind, suffering from a woefully meager budget in a city where millionaires can be crowned and dethroned overnight.

Top Reasons to Visit Las Vegas Today

Las Vegas is known as the ultimate adult playground, a city that calls for visitors from all corners of the world. For those who are yet to visit this sin city, there are a lot of things you are missing out. Las Vegas has gained a worldwide reputation as the center for gambling, weddings, and outrageous behavior. This city may arguably be termed as the entertainment capital of the world. The city has a lot more to offer than what most people think and here are top reasons you should set foot to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Zoo

The Las Vegas Zoo is a world-famous zoo, located approximately 15 minutes away from the main strip. It is a very popular zoo that houses more than 150 species of animals including the famous African lion, parrots, and chimpanzee. This zoo is run by a non-profit organization that is dedicated to education in a fun way so that kids can learn and enjoy at the same time.


Golf is also a big sport in Las Vegas. There are more than six courses that are open all year round for golf activities. Some of these courses are also attached to luxury hotels that provide spa treatment and amenities in case one half of the couple is not interested in golfing activities. Fishing fanatics can also go to Floyd Lamb Park for golfing activities. This park has four lakes that are well stocked with fish.

Las Vegas Reserves

The Las Vegas Reserves is a great location for a family day because of the numerous botanical gardens, historical photo gallery, event venues and walking trails that are present. Throughout the year, there are numerous exhibitions that focus on a variety of issues on matters related to Las Vegas. On many box office films, the Hoover Dam has featured extensively due to its location, as it sits at the border of Nevada and Arizona.

Hotels in Las Vegas

Hotels in Las Vegas are out of this world. Their construction is as a result of careful planning to ensure that they have a unique identity that does not mirror any other hotel in the world. One of such hotels is hotel Venetian that was built with intentions and aspirations of romantic images of Italian getaway. Another notable hotel in Las Vegas is hotel Bellagio. If you are looking for the ultimate vacation getaway, Las Vegas is the place to go.

Dispelling Common Myths About Las Vegas

People have seen it movies, heard about it songs, and seen pictures of it on brochures, but still are wondering why they should fall in love with Las Vegas. There are hundreds of reasons why a person should fall in love with this amazing city, but naming them would take forever, so it is best to just list the top ten. The ten reasons why a person should fall in love with Las Vegas are: History, Gambling, Free Drinks, great weather, strip clubs, spa treatment, great musicians, Broadway plays, kids’ attractions, and the ability to play golf at night.

Las Vegas is a city full of culture and history and a person that visits there has the potential to learn a-lot. If a person for whatever reason, has the urge to commit some sins of the flesh this city is the place to do it. There are free drinks, gambling, and strippers available in this phenomenal city. Las Vegas also offers something for more laid back people. A person can enjoy golf, spa treatments, great musicians, and simply just enjoy the great weather the city has year around. There is even many attractions available for families that have young children.

One thing for sure about Las Vegas is that it is a place that is beyond larger than life. However, when most people think of Vegas, they tend to think of nothing but strip joints, casinos, showgirls and a lot of spectacular hotels that are well dressed in flashing lights and dancing waters. The only problem with this notion is that everything that was just laid out is only tied down to the atmosphere that is produced by the Las Vegas Strip. It is beyond imperative to understand that the “Strip” is only one side of Las Vegas. This awesome Las Vegas blogs that can guide you when you want to touch down at Las Vegas.

Another major myth about Vegas is that prostitution is legal. This is heavily influenced by the many features of nude showgirls, and the ability to walk in any casino and find a bunch of gorgeous women in seductive clothes. Nevertheless this is nothing but the chosen image Las Vegas has chosen to promote. Prostitution is very much so illegal and people do get arrested for any solicitation in the vibrant Las Vegas. In addition to that, the famous quickie wedding chapels are a major part of Vegas image. There is no better or faster way to show your significant other that they are the one.

How to Tour Las Vegas

While Las Vegas is known as a well-traveled destination both for business and pleasure, the city itself is home to about a million residents, for a total of 1,902,834 in the metro area. With so much going on in Vegas at all hours of the night, sometimes it’s nice to simply kick back relax. While they may live in the City of Sin, not all residents “live in sin” as some outsiders may imagine from Las Vegas’ much hyped reputation. In fact, most locals lead relatively normal lives, on par with many major city residents.

For example, in high-end residential parts of the city, featuring sprawling homes fully equipped with swimming pools, manicured lawns, high definition big screens with Direct tv Las Vegas NV looks no different than the well-to-do parts of say, Los Angeles CA, Dallas TX or Miami FL. Only 7 miles away from the strip, many affluent members of the Vegas community make their home in Seven Hills, a gated community which has come to be known as “The Beverly Hills of Nevada.” Home to golf courses and country clubs, not all homeowners hit it big in the casino (or run the casinos for that matter), merely members of society who have done well for themselves and appreciate a nice place to settle down. Of course, Seven Hills is not without its big names, such as Mike Tyson and eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.

While a majority of the city’s housing structures lack the refined luxury of Seven Hills, it’s not to say there aren’t plenty of pleasant places to make Las Vegas your permanent base. The Lakes and Summerlin, both planned communities developed mostly inside the Vegas city limits, offer a more traditional living atmosphere, with a wide variety of occupants including residential areas, community space, business entities and medical resources.Las Vegas is also home to proud communities of unique cultural heritage, including locales such as Koreatown and Chinatown, adding their own heritage to a city as far from homogenous as its night sky is dull. All in all, a great place to live, not just a fun place to visit.

Summer Family Fun In Las Vegas

The great thing about Las Vegas in the summer is that you can have a lot of fun without ever having to go out in the heat. Even with children you can spend a majority of your day inside doing activities that they like to do either as a family or by themselves. For example, if you want to do something together, why not check out Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay, the MGM Lion Habit, or the indoor shopping at the Forum Shops or the Bellagio. If you are looking to spend a little time apart, the older kids can have a great time at Gameworks or Circus Circus’ “Adventuredome”. And then, why not reconnect at night for “The Lion King” or the “Tournament of Kings” show.

Of course, you can do outdoor activities, just plan to do them earlier in the day if it looks like it’s going to be a hot day. A great place to go as a family is the “Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat” at the Mirage, where you can see dolphins and tigers up close. In addition, if you just feel like walking the strip, you can do that as well before the sun gets hot.