Best Time to Visit Las Vegas for Honeymooners

Is there a better destination in the world for one to get married than heading to Las Vegas, the Sin City of the world? Whether you get married in Las Vegas (known to many as the wedding capital of the world) or someplace else, there is no wrong time for honeymooners to visit Las Vegas. A romantic honeymoon is usually the first big decision you will make as a married couple, and Las Vegas is ranked as one of the top 10 most popular honeymoon destinations. If you are concern about what time of the year you will get the best Las Vegas weather, well don’t be too concerned. 

During the summer months in Las Vegas, it is very hot; the temperature usually reaches 105 degrees for the high, and 80 degrees for the low. If you are looking for months were Las Vegas is not as hot, then July and August are those months, but expect temperatures to be a little more humid with the chance of thunderstorms lurking. Even March to May or even around autumn in October, are good times for the weather.

Many honeymooners would not let the Las Vegas weather stop their post wedding celebration, especially since Las Vegas is a must see place. Even though Las Vegas has the world’s top hotel and casinos’, gambling is not the only thing there is to do there, they are also known for much more. While in Las Vegas, many lovebirds make it their duty to catch some of the most sensational shows, and dine at some of the finest gourmet restaurants. Many lovebirds do not have to leave their hotel during their stay in Las Vegas; majority of Las Vegas hotel resorts offers indoor activities such as shopping, access to swimming pools, spas, nightclubs, and a lot of other amusement. Las Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the world, and many honeymooners have such a great experience there.

While some high rollers find themselves comped a penthouse suite only minutes after walking through the casino doors, most Vegas bound tourists must find their own shelter with more limited resources, saving a few bucks to fund the fun. Newly minted young adults making their first pilgrimage to the desert are often in a particular bind, suffering from a woefully meager budget in a city where millionaires can be crowned and dethroned overnight.

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